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In the hanging garden of Paradeisos Jewellery, every piece of natural gemstones is intrinsically unique, precious and noteworthy. Such believe lies deep in the soul of the Hong Kong based contemporary jewellery brand established in late 2016 by Aimee Lee and Penny Lau.

Named after Paradises in Greek, the brandname has a connotation of hanging garden, paradise or heaven - an enchanting place of colours, beauty, hopes, dreams and inspirations. We aspire to introduce the underlying beauty of the undervalued gemstones to a wider audience through our creations.

We are dedicated in creating wearable art pieces crafted from natural gemstones that are utterly unique and luxurious but with a competitive price. The gemstone incorporate “simplicity” as the main design concept and is cleverly accompanied and styled with dots, lines, and geometric shapes and structures.

Our belief is to balance the style of the traditional jewellery market and the youthful fast fashion market. We are willing to welcome design collaborations in various fields with parallel ambition.


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the Hidden Glory

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